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Just added my shellac designs!

My shellac coloursHello folks, i have finally gotten around to updating this site with some of my shellac nail designs!

You can check them out be visiting the shellac link at the top of this website, or by clicking here.

As you probably know, shellac is quite popular at the moment, more and more people are asking me for it.

I have about ten different colours, which you can see in the image above (click the image to check out the colours). With more colours coming soon.

So if you want a professional set of shellac nails, pick your colour / style and text me to book in your fantastic set of new nails.

Choose from nail art, sticker art, glitters, alternate colours, gems and the latest trends!

Thanks for looking, Lisa.

Pink Acrylic Tips

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to show you one of my clients latest nails.

Vicky would always stick to having the french tips, she was a little nervous about having any colour as she she didn’t want them to stand out too much. After much deliberation she decided to go for this lovely glittery pink.

Vicky also wanted some gems on which gives them that little bit of bling.

I have lots of different colours for you to choose from, Colours range from pinks to reds and purples green and black. Nail art or gems can be added if you wanted to make them stand out from the crown.

Call me for an appointment or advice

Thanks for looking

Lisa xx


Christmas glitter tips and nail art

Hello Everyone

Well Christmas is nearly here so its time to start thinking about party’s, family get togethers, and catching up with friends. Which also means new dresses, shoes and handbags.

Why not treat yourself to some new nails too.  Here are a few pics for you to look at, you could go all out sparkly with glittery silver or gold.

You could have glittery greens, blues, pinks or reds.

You could even have some nail art to really stand out from the crowd.

Or you could keep it simple and have a fresh looking french manicure.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year

Lisa x


Nail Art

Hi Everyone

I just thought I would share with you all some new nail art designs

These are done using Konad stamping, they are easy to apply to either natural nails or nail extensions.

Konad is a special polish used for nail art that lasts and gives you many different design choices.

It can be applied on plain nails or over coloured polish so you can achieve different looks

Why not try some to brighten up your hands

Will post some more soon

Thanks for looking

Lisa x


Have you been Shellaced yet

Hello Ladies

Have you tried Shellac yet, This is a must for everyone with natural nails. Shellac is the amazing polish for your nails that last for upto 2 weeks, giving you high gloss shine, strength, non-chipping beautiful nails.

Shellac is applied just like polish but then cured under a UV lamp giving you strong nails with no drying time, so no more waving around your hands waiting for your nails to dry.

Shellac is also great for holidays, have your nails done before you go and then just hit the beach without having to worry about re-doing your nails for the evening.

Shellac is great for ladies who want beautiful nails but not necessarily want nail extensions, Shellac is safe and will not cause any damage to your nails. Shellac is also very quick and simple to remove.

Shellac already comes in a range of colours but with even more coming soon.

Call today for an appointment

Thanks for looking


Nail Enhancements

Hello ladies

Over the last 8 to 10 years nail enhancements have been increasing in popularity, They have become an affordable luxury for us all. The industry is keeping up with the increase in nail extensions and are constantly improving and updating the products we use and the way in which we apply, this making our nails safer to have on a more permanent basis and they are stronger and more natural looking than ever before.

Nails are now a fashion statement and there is a look to suit everyone tastes from simply stylish French to bright coloured tips with nail art, gems and glitter.

From my own personal experience I know how difficult it can be to get to the salon after work or to fit around the family maybe a home visit is the way for you with evening and weekend appointments available so you can still have that little bit of luxury for yourself.

I always try and take care of my own nails and I get such enjoyment after leaving a clients home leaving them with beautiful nails they love. Hands are an important feature as they will always be noticed with everything you do such as typing at work, lunching with the girls, nights out.

Nice nails could change your whole appearance and give you that little bit more confidence :)

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