How To Remove Acrylic Nails Successfully

Hello everyone

Welcome to my new tips and advice category. Today I’m going to talk about the removal of acrylic nail extensions.

I would recommend that you soak them off, if you pull them off or pick at them you will damage your natural nails.

Don’t worry its fairly easy if you know how…

This is what you will need:

1) Bottle of acetone (this can be bought from your local chemist)

bottle of acetone

2) A glass bowl (some plastic bowls may melt with acetone in them)

soak off bowl

3) Kitchen roll

4) Cuticle oil

5) Buffer

6) Files

First you need to fill your bowl with enough acetone to cover your nails, do not overfill as you want to avoid to much acetone touching your skin as this can be very drying on the skin, I would place some kitchen roll or newspaper in the surrounding area and under your bowl as this can sometimes be messy and the acetone could also remove the varnish from your table.

Leave your nail to soak for at least 15mins and you will see the acrylic starting to dissolve they will appear very soft, you can then gently file off the softened acrylic then replace back in the bowl. Try to avoid having your fingers out of the bowl to long as the acrylic will start to harden again.

Keep repeating this process until all of the acrylic has been removed. Your nails will look very poor at this stage so you should buff the nails with the buffer and then apply the cuticle oil and massage in. I would recommend having regular manicures to improve the condition of your nails.

Or at least apply some strengthening varnish to the nails regularly.

Hope this helps, Lisa